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Filter-Air Dual Carb BING®54 for 582 - 825723

Filter-Air Dual Carb BING®54 for 582 - 825723

Dual filter recommended for 532, 582, & 618 engines (all types) with 2 BING® 54 carburetors without intake silencer
Ensure better maintenance of the carburetors and thus reduce the fatigue of the carburetor flanges (less vibrations)
This filter constitutes an equal pressure volume (the 2 carburetors draw air in at the same volume)
Cost is less than 2 single filters

Includes clamps and safety wiring tab.

Dimensions: LxWxH         8.5" x 3.75" x 3"              215 mm X 95 mm X 75 mm

Manufacturer: Green (France)

Part #825723

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